Webinar: Where is My Money & How To Use it to Grow My Business

Understanding your finances doesn’t stop once you understand your P&L and know what your EBITDA is. In this Financial Excellence webinar with Scaling Up Coach Jonathan Mond, You will learn how to:
  • Properly Check and assess the health of your financials
  • Make strategic decisions that drive cash, profit & valuation
  • Control your cashflow and drive success without breaking the bank

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Jonathan Mond, Scaling Up Coach

Jonathan’s core focus as a facilitator and mentor is to help companies break through their barriers to growth, and ultimately improve their valuation. With a profound knowledge of the Cash Flow Story/Scaling Up Cash software, Jonathan has utilized his highly sought-after skills to lead the way in merging this program into the Scaling Up framework.
After completing a bachelor’s degree in Business, Accounting & Information Systems, Jonathan started his career in the retail fashion sector. There, he built a successful clothing label from the ground up that formed a retail chain with sales of $11 million, by the time he sold the company in 2012.
This experience ignited Jonathan’s inquisitive mind, and he became determined to help other like-minded business owners discover the missed growth potential within their organizations.
Jonathan starts each client engagement, quarterly and annual workshop with a financial excellence review, company health check, and valuation updates. From there, he coaches companies about the strategies required to challenge beliefs, enact change, and achieve quarterly and long-term strategic directions.