Webinar: Turning Your Largest Expense into a Strategic Advantage

Most companies are dealing with retention issues and/or rising staff costs. Often revenue increases are harder to attain and the road to rising profitability rests on optimizing other areas of the business such as compensation. In our upcoming webinar, we are going to share leading compensation design approaches.

You will learn about the following principles:

1. Be Different: Align compensation with Culture and Strategy
2. Fairness not Sameness: Creating Flexible Pay Structures
3. Easy on the Carrots: Using Incentives Effectively
4. Gamify Compensation: Driving Critical Numbers through Pay
5. Sharing is Caring: Getting Employees to Think Like Owners

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Gord Smith, Scaling Up Coach

Gord brings his broad range of global leadership experience to Scaling Up. He has recognized expertise in Sales Performance, Marketing, Leadership Development, Training, Product Development and Management Consulting. He has collaborated on many start-ups as well as run several of his own businesses. He is passionate about growing companies and sees Scaling Up as a natural fit.

Gord has worked with dozens of North American organizations to train and empower their sales teams to unleash their sales potential and drive revenue. In addition, he runs his own consulting firm, ALTA Consulting, coaching business leaders to drive profitable growth.