Using KPIs, Dashboards & Forecasting to Drive Accountability

Scaling up any business, small or large, successful or not, requires data. As the saying goes, what gets measured gets managed. But with so much data out there, how can you know which KPIs (key performance indicators) to track? And once you’ve decided which KPIs are most important, how do you make sure everyone in your organization is accountable for them?

Join us for a webinar with Scaling Up Coach Mark Fenner to learn:

  1. How to develop the right leading, lagging, quantitative and qualitative metrics
  2. How to create dashboards that provide insight
  3. How do use data to forecast the future

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Mark Fenner, Scaling Up Coach

Mark is a certified Scaling Up Coach and President of Rise Performance Group. Mark has spent the last 30 years helping individuals and their respective teams reach their true potential.

He is passionate about leadership and believes the strength of the organization is determined by the strength of her people. He helps leaders scale up their organizations by providing, tools, skills and inspiration in the areas of people, strategy, execution and cash. He has helped thousands improve their personal and team performance through his workshops, seminars and consulting programs.