peter boolkah webinar

Get More Done with Continuous Improvement

As one of the UK’s leading business coaches, Peter Boolkah works with leaders to maximize their team’s full potential.

Doing so in today’s world, says Peter, means using new tools to make performance feedback a real-time activity. The days of the ineffectual annual review are over. Dynamic goal-tracking with continuous improvements is the future of performance management.

In this webinar, Peter will explain the strategies he uses with leaders to set and track motivational goals for their team. Through a process of continuous performance tracking and feedback, your team can achieve their most ambitious goals!

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About Peter Boolkah

Peter Boolkah received his BA with Honours at Southbank University in Business Studies and has been professionally active in business coaching since 2005.

His business coaching models and frameworks have brought Scale Up success coupled with meaningful change to many smaller businesses with annual turnovers of under £5 million per year. Peter’s work focuses on the four key elements of any business; time, team, money & delivery. These techniques, in tandem with the entrepreneurs ambition, have enabled him to help drive profitability, motivation, and adapt to changes in the business world ahead of their competitors.

For mid-market businesses, Peter uses the Scaling Up framework to develop an achievable, realistic five-year plan to unlock the full potential of the organisation. He has also consulted with large organisations and corporations on everything from people management to finances and everything in between

Peter is a Lifetime Partner of B1G1, a volunteer community focussed on doing good by creating valuable connections with customers, unlocking a network of like-minded business owners, building a meaningful company culture, and more.