Focus Your Team the Fun Way

Jason Rush and Morgan Stanley know a company’s strategy is only as good as its leaders’ ability to focus the team on its execution. As Petra Coaches, Jason and Morgan have helped countless leaders at growing firms tie aspirational vision to everyday execution.

In this webinar, Jason and Morgan will share a proven way to keep strategy alive in an organization: The Quarterly (or Annual) Theme.

No matter what your team’s biggest constraints to growth are in 2021, the right Theme can motivate and inspire elevated performance. Driving a focus on execution doesn’t have to be boring! Engage your team with Themes that connect the work they do every day to your ambitious goals.

You won’t want to miss their proven tips for energizing your team to hit their goals in 2021.

About Jason Rush

Jason Rush began his career working for premier financial institutions where he dealt with loan and leasing companies. He went on to found and sell two of his own finance companies and then co-founded a niche company that provided commercial vehicle financing to small fleets nationwide. Jason’s experience creating and developing businesses taught him about the struggles of reaching the top and the importance of encouraging those around you to summit together.

In 2009, Jason founded ONRUSH Advisors to help entrepreneurs overcome common obstacles – frequently, themselves. As a coach at Petra, Jason’s clients create a culture of accountability and fiscal responsibility using sustainable methods that have lasting results. He does the dirty work, identifying strengths and weaknesses of business owners and showing them how to achieve new levels of success.

Jason has served as president of the Arizona Chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization, several regional positions and is currently a Strategy Summit facilitator. In his free time, Jason likes to golf, attend all types of sporting events, travel and spend time with his two young sons and wife, whom he has known since preschool – yep, preschool!

jason rush

About Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley’s motto is “Do what you love and love what you do,” and that’s the spirit she brings every day to her role as coach coordinator with Petra Coach. Building relationships is what Morgan loves most and working with Petra’s member companies allows her to use those skills on a daily basis. Always organized, with planner and to-do list in hand, Morgan helps coaches and executives alike stay on task and motivated as they move through the Petra planning process.

Originally from Searcy, Arkansas, Morgan holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Corporate Relations from the University of Mississippi. She previously interned at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and when not working to further Petra’s mission, she enjoys playing tennis and traveling with friends and family.