Targeted Coaching Sessions

Targeted Coaching is an opportunity for business leaders and teams to work directly with a certified business coach without a long-term commitment. Sometimes your team feels misaligned and while you know what areas need improvement, you are unsure how to go about it. A business coach will help you fill in the blanks and account for your missing pieces, resolving setbacks specific to your company. While business coaches are a great investment, several businesses are not ready to commit to a full engagement. This is where Targeted Coaching comes in.

Align partners with Critical Factors Coaching to provide niche coaching services to our clients. This is the perfect program for Align users who are not currently working with a coach, but want to optimize their team performance and resolve their stucks with some cost-effective professional help.

For Companies Who Want To…

  • Get Matched with a Certified Business Coach
  • Engage with a Coach without establishing a long-term financial commitment
  • Increase retention and team productivity while eliminating stucks and promoting alignment
  • Improve niche areas of misalignment specifically relevant to your team and business

Which Coaching Session is Right For Your Team?

This session will help you determine the right type of huddle rhythm that will cater to your company’s challenges. We will cover the 4 types of meetings rhythms (Daily Huddle, Weekly Meeting, Monthly Management Meeting, Quarterly/Annual Planning) and additional rhythms that may be helpful with your execution to determine the best way to roll them out for your team. 

This module will provide you with the tools and resources needed to complete customized rhythm blueprint, plus…

  • Understanding framework of 4 different huddle rhythms
  • Best Practices for organizations of your size and structure within the meetings
  • Blueprint for internal meeting rhythms for next quarter and templates of agendas for each
  • Team understanding of what is covered in each and how to properly report progress and challenges in a fast moving business

Hours: 2 hours typically split into two 1 hour sessions with the management/leadership team

Cost: $700 for up to 7 attendees over zoom

The One Page Strategic Plan Foundation is a key component of your strategy to ensure your employees and clients understand what matters most to you as an organization. The Foundation section includes Core Values, Brand Promise, Brand Promise KPI, Big Hairy Audacious Goal, and Purpose. 

This session will enable you and your team to…

  • Clearly define at least 2 – 3 Core Values
  • Fully understand of the foundational section of the OPSP
  • Put your Purpose or Brand Promises to work in your business

Hours: 3 hours typically split into multiple sessions

Cost: $1050

Data is king when it comes to informed decision making. In this engagement you will work with a certified coach to identify key targets for your organization and how you will measure them as you learn to prioritize the Critical Metrics for your team.

This session will enable you and your team to…

  • Define 5-10 Critical Target categories for 3-5 Year and 1-Year timelines
  • Define 2-5 Critical Numbers for the upcoming quarter to rally your team around

Hours: 2 hours

Cost: $700

You’ve got a good idea of what you want to accomplish this quarter or this year, but how do you turn those ideas into actionable goals?  This workshop will teach you about SMART and FAST priorities – what they are, how to write them, and how they tie into your longer-term goals and move the needle of successful business habits.

This session will help guide your team in…

  • Writing SMART and FAST Goals
  • Evaluating goal effectiveness and knowing when and how to update your strategy as it pertains to your goals

Hours: 1 hours

Cost: $350

As a manager, your people are your greatest asset and it’s your responsibility to set them up for success. In this session, your certified coach will review the habits that create effective and empowered employees from 1:1 best practices to goal setting. We will cover what challenges do you see and which of these management techniques will help you increase employee engagement (eNPS score) and save managers time.

This session will help you…

  • Identify business habits that the whole team should be practicing
  • Manage multiple team members and track everyone’s progress

Hours: 1 hour for up to 5 managers

Cost: $350

The need to get “unstuck” in a niche area of business management and affordable expert coaching were our inspiration for launching the Cost-Effective Coaching Program at Align. Are you feeling stuck? Tell your Customer Success Advisor. Your Advisor will assess your need and either be able to resolve it, or determine if it is a stuck that would be best tackled by a certified business coach.

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