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How Align Helped Magia Solutions Build to Sell

When we first talked to Surend Dayal in 2020 about his vision for Magia Solutions, the goal was to become the world’s leading company in implementing Oracle SaaS.

Surend joined Magia in 2019 with the ambition of scaling the company to the top, and the next two years were full of monumental growth. In November 2021, Magia officially joined Deloitte.

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Magnolia Physical Therapy: Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis with Planning and Execution in Align

CEO Beth Winkler has used Align to help grow her successful practice. When coronavirus shut-down threatened to derail everything, Align became a critical tool for planning and executing in the new environment.

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EO Louisiana: A Remarkable Rebound Powered by Align

When a natural disaster led to a drop in membership, Entrepreneur Organization (EO) Lousiana Chapter used Align to build accountability and become the fastest growing EO chapter in the world.

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Align Helps Rapidly Growing Hagerty Group Stay Aligned, Coordinated, and Focused

Hagerty utilizes Align to keep their growing multi-functional business units coordinated and working towards the same goals.

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MaxHome Remodeling: A Culture of Accountability Powers Growth

MaxHome uses Align to create and maintain daily focus, leveraging “good business habits” that the software supports: morning meetings that last no more than 15 minutes, ongoing employee input, and transparent performance metrics.

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Litwiniuk & Co. Lawfirm: The Moment Everything Changed

The Litwiniuks had built their practice into Alberta’s leading personal injury law firm. When brothers Fred and Todd took over from their parents, they faced the challenge of maintaining the feel of a “family firm” through massive growth.

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Gootee Construction Built a Culture of Accountability with Align

Gootee Construction turned to Align when they needed a system to improve the culture of their scaling business.

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How Jon Neill Grew Sportsafe UK from One Man with a Van to Dominate an Industry

When Sportsafe UK took off from 1 to 100 employees, CEO Jon Neill turned to proven business habits in Align to build an culture of success.

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Here’s what they’re saying…

Hagerty Insurance

Align keeps us hyper-focused on our individual and strategic goals.
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McKeel Hagerty

magnolia physical therapy logo

When I go to Align I can see everything I need to do — from that largest priority I’ve been putting off, to that task I forgot.
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Beth Winkler

We would ignore the priorities set in planning meetings. Align was the missing piece in getting things done.
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Larry Closs