Connect your strategic plan to everyday work to execute your team’s biggest goals.

Create plans. Track progress. Achieve more with centralized strategic management.

Align Your Team

Gain buy-in to create positive change.

Two-thirds of well-formulated strategic plans fail. Ensure yours don’t with transparent plans and clearly-defined ownership.

Align Your Team

Before Align, we would have a meeting, come up with a plan and priorities, and nothing would be captured for the rest of the team to see. Plans would sit on whiteboards in offices and be forgotten about. But, today — whether it’s creating tasks for improving their project estimators or solving a gross margin crisis — those priorities are front-and-center on the dashboard and checked in on daily during huddles.”

TJ Daly – CEO, Acorn Graphics
Build the company your team aspires to be with Align.

Start with your Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

Define your Core Purpose.

Lay your team’s vision out for all to see.

Define what matters to your team.

Inform every strategic decision.

Create a moral compass for your organization.

Come together to select the metrics and outcomes that matter to your business.

Break long term vision into one to five-year targets.

Create annual initiatives made up of quarterly objectives.

Define ownership to create accountability for every member of your team.

Cascade company goals to teams and individuals as Priorities.

Track how everyday work contributes to long term plans.

Adjust plans based on real-time data.

Act quickly when progress falls behind pace.

Align Daily Huddle Meeting Tool
Use regular Huddles to stay updated on team progress.

Visualize progress, record updates, and create action items in one place.

React quickly to identify and act on strategic opportunities.

surend dayal align testimonial

Without Align we would be trying to track progress toward our goals with pencil and paper, or on spreadsheets and .pdfs. It would be a mess and it wouldn’t be effective. Align is the only way I can imagine doing this work.”

Surend Dayal, CEO – Magia Solutions

Connect long-term vision to everyday work.

Your vision is right there in front of you on a daily basis. You can do your strategic thinking and you can write stuff down in a binder, but if you don’t have to look at it every day, then you forget about it. That’s human nature.

With Align, there’s no running and there’s no hiding. Everything every member of the team is supposed to be doing is out there in the open. Align brings accountability where it needs to be: front and center.”

Eric Frank, President – EO Louisiana

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