Align helps small businesses scale.

Align gives you the management tools you need to run your business better.

Streamline management of your business inside one platform.  Align gathers your most important business metrics and communication in one place to quickly identify and address opportunities and roadblocks.

Empower every person to be able to do more to help your company grow.

In a small business each person impacts success even more.  Give your team the direction and knowledge they need to make decisions and help the company scale.

Align’s features are your management toolkit.

Align is the very first thing I look at in the morning when I get to work, and it’s the very last thing I look at in the evening when I leave. We run our firm through it. We have every single employee on Align. That has a ton to do with our success on goals because it means everyone can see real-time data on the benchmarks at any moment throughout the year.

Everyone in the building understands how their daily work aligns with company goals, and they understood how important their tasks were in achieving them. They saw and lived the progress every single day, and they felt accountable to it.

Without having a place to track our progress and without having a place for people to see them, breathe them, and follow up on them to keep each other accountable every single day — there’s no way we could have accomplished what we have.”

Fred Litwiniuk, CEO

Litwiniuk & Company

Align’s integrations allow you to automate with the software you already use without needing a developer.

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