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Easily create focus around outcomes for every team member, no matter where they are.

Increase engagement by sharing company progress with everyone.

Keep employees more engaged and happier by giving them transparency into how the work they do contributes to the company’s success.  Share company progress on goals to improve their confidence and understanding of the big picture.

During the COVID disruption, when we all went remote abruptly, many of us, including myself had a tougher time than usual staying organized.

The key for me is to have all of my priorities and tasks in one place, which gives me way more peace of mind than the sticky notes I used to use. When I go to Align I can see everything I need to do — from that largest priority I’ve been putting off, to that email I forgot about.

No one wants to fall behind on work, but Align isn’t about the fear of being held accountable. It creates transparency that lets our organization react quickly and catch up, rather than fall further behind.

Having the entire team on Align is also building increased engagement among our employees. The Align dashboard also allows everyone to see how their individual tasks are aligned to the organization’s largest priorities.  The entire team can open up the software and see the organization is on-track with their priorities, it’s motivating and encouraging. 

Align also saves us so much time. In the past, I emailed an employee asking how progress on a specific task is going. The employee would stop what they were doing and write back. This back-and-forth is one of dozens of such conversations that happen each day, taking up hours of time in a week.

With Align, communicating this way is no longer necessary. I can see the status of a task, and if I still have a question, there’s no reason to email, because I know I can just follow up in our Huddle.”

Beth Winkler, CEO – Magnolia Physical Therapy
Align’s features make your job easier with the Remote Team Management Toolkit.

Huddles were the feature we expected to use least in Align. Then COVID hit, and we all went remote. We quickly adapted to using Huddles to run daily meetings, as well as weekly, bi-weekly and monthly meetings for our staff. We also use the huddles for our 1:1’s and for reviewing goal progress at the end of a quarter and planning our goals for the future. We’ve never seen information spread so well throughout the organization as we have since we started using both Align and the good proven practical behaviour patterns Align draws attention to manage our meetings.”

Ahto Vegmann, CEO/Co-Founder Loov Organic

Align’s integrations automate remote work.

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