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Elevate your personnel decisions!

In this highly interactive presentation, Chris Mursau will show leaders how to take the guesswork out of hiring decisions and transform hiring into a strategic business process that yields consistently positive results.

Few will argue the value of a great team packed with high performers who exhibit the company’s core values.  However, typical hiring methods often yield disappointing results as they are filled with one of more problems.  The four biggest of these problems will be addressed.

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About Chris Mursau

Chris Mursau is the President of Topgrading, a firm that specializes in providing leaders and managers with the training and tools they need to get the right people in the right seat (almost) all of the time.  Topgrading clients have achieved dramatic hiring success, filling open positions with A-Players, high performers who are great culture fits, over 85% of time.  Chris has been assessing candidates for critical roles and training managers in Topgrading tools and techniques for 20 years.

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