The Gift of Culture: People & Profits Prioritized with 9 Deeds in 90 Days

Culture-conscious leadership is essential to creating an environment where a team can thrive. Will Scott will lead a discussion on the importance of excellent business culture, and how different habits you implement will positively impact your business, your relationships, and your team’s satisfaction. In this webinar, we will cover:
  • Unique tools from The Culture Fix® that are changing lives and no one else is teaching
  • Why organizations are relishing the measurable results and becoming magnets for hiring and retention
  • How coaches /clients are thriving with these tools and having fun doing this creative, meaningful work
As a special treat, all attendees will receive a copy of Will Scott’s new book, The Gift of Culture.

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About the Speaker

Author of The Culture Fix and founder of The Culture Fix Academy, Will Scott has helped hundreds of businesses fulfill their corporate culture dreams. He leads workshops and speaks regularly using his Alive, Thrive & Drive methodology and is host of The Culture Fix podcast. His 25 year span as an entrepreneur includes five start ups, 2 exits and several Inc. 5000 appearances.