Cultivating a Strategic Mindset: Grow your Business in the New Year with Enhanced Strategic Thinking, Planning, & Execution

This webinar is only open to EO members.

During this program, Business & Leadership Expert John Spence will cover three major areas of creating an effective strategy: Strategic thinking, strategic planning, and strategic execution. John’s approach is to make strategy less complex and identify the most important things necessary for developing a solid strategic plan. Here are some of the key ideas we will cover:

• The five levels of strategic thinking

• The importance of pattern recognition

• What strategy is not

• How to hold a successful strategic planning retreat

• How to create goals and tactics to support the strategy

• Understanding the importance of disciplined execution

• How to make sure you keep momentum in executing your strategy

This will be a fast-paced, information-intensive session focused on practical ideas you can use immediately to improve strategy formulation and execution in your organization.

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