Build an Aligned and Accountable Team

In this webinar, FocalPoint business coach Charlie Janes will cover:
– Understanding the impact of low engagement
– How to build a high performance culture
– 5 recommendations to achieve alignment and accountability
Join us Thursday, May 19th at 10AM CT.

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About the Speaker

Charlie Janes is CEO of Agile Customer Engagement and is a Certified FocalPoint Business Growth Coach.   He helps business leaders imagine and achieve better outcomes.

As an executive, he scaled three organizations from the ground up to the $100+ million revenue plateau and sold one for over $300 million.   Over the last ten years, he helped seven startups define a unique market niche, develop an initial product and acquire the first 10-50 customers.

Charlie’s mission is to strengthen communities through meaningful job creation and business growth. He and his wife Kari, left lucrative careers in Silicon Valley to start their businesses. They own a fast-growing adult home care business that they scaled from 1 to over 120 employees in 14 months. They provide leadership opportunities for caregivers from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Charlie’s primary focus as a business coach is to help successful entrepreneurs achieve the subsequent revenue and profit growth level, build better teams and systems to scale the business and plan for an eventual exit. He works with clients to understand their dreams and then does the research and preparation to efficiently help them reach their goals in less time with less stress.