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During the unprecedented global lockdown, Align offered free access to our Huddle Tools to offer critical communication assistance for teams during the crisis.

As the world started to open back up for business, we sunsetted the COVID-19 relief program on July 15, 2020.

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Many of the customers who participated in that program have already subscribed to the full suite of Align business tools to help them better manage their remote teams.

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Access more of our Resiliency Resources to help you manage through the Coronavirus Disruption.

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Huddles were the feature we expected to use least in Align. Then COVID hit, and we all went remote. We quickly adapted to using Huddles to run daily meetings, as well as weekly, bi-weekly and monthly meetings for our staff. We also use the huddles for our 1:1’s and for reviewing goal progress at the end of a quarter and planning our goals for the future. We’ve never seen information spread so well throughout the organization as we have since we started using both Align and the good proven practial behaviour patterns Align draws attention to manage our meetings.”

Ahto Vegmann, CEO/Co-Founder Loov Organic
Align’s features make your job easier with the Remote Team Management Toolkit.

Align Daily Huddle Meeting ToolCreate a structure around and portal for consistent critical communication so that everyone stays on the same page.

Align’s Daily Huddle tool features create a daily communication framework to use throughout the company.  In just a few minutes a day, each employee creates a short update for everyone else about:

  • What they are working on toward goals.

  • Information they have that impacts other team members.

  • Any roadblocks they have discovered that might keep the company from meeting a goal.

  • Announcements to celebrate smaller wins and successes so everyone knows the progress happening around the company.

align weekly huddle feature screenshotAlign’s Weekly Huddle Tool lessens the need to micro-manage by providing structured weekly 1:1 reviews around transparent metrics which means less chasing down updates for managers and less micromanaging for remote team members.

  • Create a personalized dashboard of critical numbers fed by real-time updates so that each of you knows where performance metrics stand at all times.

  • Get visibility for ongoing individual track progress on individual goals for each of your direct reports.

  • Provide a place for your direct reports to easily and quickly create updates for you on weekly progress.

  • Use the parking lot to record ideas for future projects or improvements.

Align’s Top Priority Calendar gives everyone the ability to plan out the one thing they can do each day toward achieving their individual goals.

The transparency into the work accomplished each month gives each team member a record of daily accomplishments.  Managers get visual confirmation of work completed for each direct report over time and can verify work productivity for their teams.

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