What is growth management software?

Growth management software provides an operating framework for implementing best practices around strategic planning, organizational communication and company-wide execution on key business goals or priorities.

Align creates the workspace to adopt and manage the business habits consistently used by high-growth companies.

  • Daily monitoring of critical metrics

  • Quick daily team meetings or huddles

  • Creating short-term goals as milestones to long-term vision

  • Cascading company goals to employees

  • Tracking progress on goals

  • Regularly reviewing and updating a strategic plan

How Align Works

Align helps you improve communications and productivity at any stage. When you are ready to make a commitment to improving business outcomes, Align helps you get there faster. The software focuses on forming habits around three key areas.


Most businesses go through the process of creating a plan but often don’t follow through, as things get lost during rapid changes or the day-to-day shuffle. Align gives you a structure for organizing your strategic plan, sharing the vision throughout the company and turning the plan into action items.

Align’s One Page Strategic Plan is an easy-to-use living document that keeps your long-term vision alive in your company.


Clear and efficient communication is essential for any successful team. Quick and efficient daily and weekly communication ensure important info is being shared across teams.

Align’s Huddle Tools record everyone’s updates allowing easy visibility into what is going well and where team members may need help. This creates a hub that elevates critical communication above daily chatter and gives you the opportunity to problem-solve before things become unmanageable.


Create a road map to achieving long-term goals.  In Align you can break your company goals into smaller milestones you tackle over shorter periods.  From those company priorities, you can align your entire team by assigning on individuals goals that directly contribute to your company goals.

Your team updates their progress regularly and you can instantly see color-coded goal progress that lets you know if you are on track or where you should focus efforts.

How does Align fit into my workflow?

There’s no single answer to this, as every company is different. But typically, people use Align for the following ways:

Long-Term Planning
  • Identifying the long-term strategic plan and mapping out your BHAG (big hairy audacious goal)
  • Determining what your 3-5 year outlook and goals are
  • Developing an annual plan that is achievable over 4 quarterly periods
  • Managing quarterly strategic planning sessions
  • Identifying Critical Number ranges and targets for key business metrics
  • Evaluating performance data from the previous period before moving on to the next quarterly planning session
  • Updating KPIs and Priorities to reflect weekly progress
  • Managing Weekly Huddle updates to share with your core team to review status and objectives for the coming week
  • Managing Weekly 1:1s to implement continuous performance management using transparent metrics
  • Updating KPIs and Priorities to reflect continuing progress
  • Managing Daily Huddles to update your team
  • Using the Top Prioritiy Calendar to commit to one thing each day to move your goals forward
  • Reviewing Critical Numbers and performance metrics

Is growth management similar to OKR software?

Yes. If you’ve read John Doerr’s book and are looking to implement OKRs in your business, we can help. Our OKR software allows you to outline individual objectives (we call them priorities) that ladder up to organization objectives and measure performance against those.

Setting objectives and measuring key results is the equivalent of identifying goals, developing aligned business priorities and implementing KPIs to measure progress as you execute.

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