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Inspire and Align Your Team with OKRs

Objectives and Key Results are the powerful goal-setting framework that built companies like Google, Intel, and the Gates Foundation. While it’s easy to get started with OKRs, they take expertise to master. So we called in the OKR experts from OKR Advisors for our May Coach Webinar.

Joe Ottinger and Rick Maguire have over 50 years of combined executive experience across the technology sector. As Co-founders of OKR Advisors, they’ve helped companies like T-Mobile, Best Buy, and Nike facilitate change and achieve growth with OKR implementation. Regardless of your experience with OKRs, this webinar will contain valuable tips and best practices for creating goals that drive success.

In this webinar, Joe and Rick will help you get started writing Objectives and driving Key Results. Using a ‘teach the teacher’ approach, they’ll share best practices you can implement immediately on your teams to enhance motivation and boost performance. If you’re looking to elevate your goal-setting and strategy execution, you won’t want to miss this learning opportunity!

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About Rick Maguire

Rick has had a successful 25 plus year career as an executive leader at Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and Varian Associates prior to joining iInnovate.  He’s led teams to incubate and launch new businesses, products, information services, and manufacturing systems.  Rick has also advised Fortune 500 companies on business strategies and architectural approaches to leverage digital technology for competitive advantage, resulting in a patent in this area. Rick is a former naval officer, with decorated service on a Trident missile submarine. He earned a Masters in Engineering Management at Stanford.

About Joe Ottinger

Joe is a technology entrepreneur, angel investor, author, and thought leader in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation.  He is the Founder of the iInnovate Leadership Network, a peer CEO network for tech entrepreneurs scaling their businesses.  In addition, he has published two books: iInnovate- a guide for engaging in the innovation economy, and Beyond Success: Building a Personal, Financial and Philanthropic Legacy (McGraw Hill, 2008), as well as numerous papers and articles that have appeared in Forbes, Chief Executive Magazine, The Financial Times, Worth Magazine, Stanford Center for Social Innovation, among others.  Prior to founding iInnovate, Joe had an 18-year technology career followed by a management consulting career as co-founder of Kotter International, with Harvard Business School professor John Kotter.  Joe has an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a B.A. from Cornell University.  He is passionate about improving companies, communities and lives through innovation.

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