Making Time for (Strategic) Growth

We hear it all the time don’t we? You need to work on the business and not in it…

And yet I hear the same response often… it’s all very well for ‘big business leaders’ to take time out for strategy but, as a growing business, we don’t have time for that stuff… we’ve got customers to talk to, orders to fulfill and mouths to feed…

It’s a common trap that both entrepreneurial and scale up business leaders fall into – not ‘making’ time for growth.

In this seminar you will learn:

  1. How to make time to grow so that you can rest easy at night
  2. How to structure your time to get the most from it – what do you need most: more time, less stress, more money, more fun?
  3. How to gain clarity about the meaning of GROWTH for you.

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About the Speaker

Philip Rose started life as an engineer with Rolls-Royce before moving to Cosworth, Audi and VW. Since 2005, he’s worked as a strategy consultant and coach. He’s accredited with the International Coach Federation as a ‘Professional Certified Coach’ (PCC) and is a Certified Scaling Up Business Coach. His passion is to inspire people to find their purpose, step up, scale up and change. As co founder of Ignium his mission is to help ambitious, purpose led businesses create strategies that fully engage people for the journey. Away from work Phil runs, swims and cycles. In 2020 he completed his 10th marathon for which he also holds a Guinness World Record.

Phil is married to Claire and has two great daughters and lives near Oxford, England.

He is the host of the Sparks by Ignium Podcast and is co-founder of Ignium.

You can contact him at or find him on social here:


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