KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are metrics that evaluate the health or success of ongoing activities and quantifiably assess the output of individuals or teams.

Why Do I Need KPIs in My Business?

Use KPIs to track your progress on goals and alignment of your team. Check out the key benefits of KPIs:

Identify Patterns

Identify & Analyze Patterns Over Time


Gauge Your company health


Enable growth

Make Decisions

Use data to make smart decisions


Perform Better

KPI Dashboards in Align

Align is not just a KPI Dashboard. It’s a strategic planning and management software used by business leaders and their teams around the world.

Optimize Your KPIs

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“We’re especially happy with Align‘s KPI Dashboard. This has given us everything we want to see that our CRM wasn’t just easily showing us… We’ve been able to put everything from our CRM into Align as KPIs to give us a very clean, easy view to see what everyone’s priorities, targets, etc. are.”

Eric De La Rosa, Forrest Performance Group

Every team player can benefit from using KPIs!

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KPI Webinars

Using KPIs, Dashboards, & Forecasting to Drive Accountability

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