Use integrations to seamlessly connect data and workflows

Automate data collection and connect workflows to apps your team already uses.

Save time on repetitive tasks and use that time for better analysis and insights on the metrics that matter most to your business.


Collaborate effortlessly with Align+Slack

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Increase focus on what matters with accurate and up-to-date critical numbers in your dashboard with the Align-Salesforce integration

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Automate your dashboard from A to Z with the Align + Zapier integration to connect thousands of tools to Align

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Microsoft To Do

Streamline your top task notifications using Microsoft To Do

Google Tasks

Connect your daily actions with your quarterly goals with Google Tasks

Spend less time updating and more time acting

Critical Number Notes gets the knowledge from your team into your dashboard.

Instead of logging in to update a number, your team can spend that time sharing with everyone else why the number changed allowing you to level up on the data most important to your business.

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