How do top-performing companies plan and execute strategic priorities?

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Verne Harnish, CEO  – Scaling Up

“Over 70,000 executives have implemented Scaling Up and The Rockefeller Habits since  2002.  For years, we have shared anecdotes about companies who have used the Scaling Up methodology to grow their business.

Now, with the release of data incorporating over 1,900 companies using Align and Scaling Up Scoreboard powered by Align,  you can see the quantitative proof of how successful companies Scale Up and what characteristics they share.”

Companies get the most out of strategic planning when they:

We implemented a system to force focus around priorities we set in our planning meetings. It helped us keep both customers and employee happiness top of mind.

The results were substantial. Over a five year period we increased revenue 400% and grew from 50 to 130 employees.

Larry Closs, CEO, MaxHome

The Data Behind Successful Strategic Planning & Execution

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