Align Growth Management Software Keeps Your Team on Track

Align gives teams a transparent workspace to plan, communicate and execute growth strategies. Using real-time data points to evaluate progress, teams have the tools they need to meet goals and grow the business. The habits teams adopt with Align are consistently used by high-growth companies.

Growth Management Tools

Manage essential communication rhythms to ensure focus.

Daily and weekly communication habits ensure the right information is shared with the right teams. Share what’s up, KPI updates, opportunities and potential risks to your priorities. This saves time and unnecessary email chains in the long run.

Track your Critical Number and other big picture metrics.

View important company performance data daily so you know how you’re progressing and can course correct quickly.

Keep teams happy and engaged.

eNPS scores and feedback measure employee engagement and overall happiness in your organization. With Align, you can track eNPS scores over time, so you can take action and improve.

Larry Closs, CEO

“We would ignore the priorities set in planning meetings. Align was the missing piece in getting things done.”

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