Make better strategic decisions with insights from centralized data.

Get an eagle-eye view into all the work inside your business to quickly spot trends, opportunities and roadblocks.

Know at a glance if work is getting done and goals are on track.

Save time chasing down updates with a real-time dashboard that is always available for everyone.  Quickly drill down into goal and project progress when you need to know more.

In Align it’s all there.  The ability to create transparency from the macro to the micro in the blink of an eye.  It’s all in one place.”

Robert Barnes, Asia Pacific Country Manager
Align’s features are your Business Management Toolkit.

During the COVID disruption, when we all went remote abruptly, many of us, including myself had a tougher time than usual staying organized.

The key for me is to have all of my priorities and tasks in one place, which gives me way more peace of mind than the sticky notes I used to use. When I go to Align I can see everything I need to do — from that largest priority I’ve been putting off, to that email I forgot about.

Having the entire team on Align is also building increased engagement among our employees. The Align dashboard also allows everyone to see how their individual tasks are aligned to the organization’s largest priorities.  The entire team can open up the software and see the organization is on-track with their priorities, it’s motivating and encouraging. 

Align also saves us so much time. In the past, I emailed an employee asking how progress on a specific task is going. The employee would stop what they were doing and write back. This back-and-forth is one of dozens of such conversations that happen each day, taking up hours of time in a week.

With Align, communicating this way is no longer necessary. I can see the status of a task, and if I still have a question, there’s no reason to email, because I know I can just follow up in our Huddle.”

Beth Winkler, CEO – Magnolia Physical Therapy

Align’s integrations automate data collection.

“There is nothing out there like Align. We could go back to using spreadsheets like we were before, but that would be like going back to using a typewriter after using a computer.”

Dan Wykoff, CFO

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