Plan, Measure & Meet Your  Goals by Getting All Teams Aligned to Your Top Priorities.

Teams use Align to create focus around the priorities and metrics that matter most to meeting company goals. Our software supports a system of smart daily habits that are proven to drive growth using: effective communication rhythms, ongoing employee input, transparent accountability, and progress tracking.

Managing Goals With Align

Monitor how your team executes on a continuous basis.

Use Priorities and KPIs to update progress daily, weekly and monthly. Goal tracking isn’t something that should happen at the start or stop of each planning period. When teams evaluate progress on a continuous basis, you’ll identify opportunities and bottlenecks faster.

Getting in the habit of quick regular goal-oriented meetings will help teams resolve key issues and keep goals on track.  Huddles also eliminate the need to update multiple people at throughout the day. Teams should share updates about KPIs, progress, opportunities and risks.

Identify And Share Your Critical Numbers.

Critical Numbers are the leading indicators of how your company is performing overall. Based on your company goals, identify the key metrics that define success for your business each quarter. The critical number on your company dashboard give your team a quick visual insight into how the company is progressing against those targets. This keeps everyone aligned with priority #1.

Larry Closs, CEO

“We would ignore the priorities set in planning meetings. Align was the missing piece in getting things done.”

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