Achieve the culture you want through active engagement & management of your culture touchpoints.

Promote feedback from your team through surveys and suggestions. Elevate important announcements above the clutter and keep a pulse on team happiness to identify obstacles and capture opportunities that improve your culture. 

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Better connect the soul of your company with your most important asset – your people.

  • Use the Align eNPS tool to automate measurement of employee  engagement and happiness on a regular basis.

  • Set the Align eNPS tool to ask a regularly recurring question and survey your team.

  • The automated survey will go out to your team on a recurring schedule and track results.

  • Check your responses after each survey and follow your score over time to quickly react to changes into team connectivity.

  • Feedback is collected anonymously so that you get a true sense of the pulse of the team.

Develop a culture of feedback in an organization where people feel comfortable expressing themselves freely. 

  • Implement surveys to improve engagement and give every employee a voice when you need more data to make decisions.

  • Unveil areas for progress and identify problems while offering anonymity to get truthful answers.

Elevate your most important announcements above the clutter of daily communications.

  • Easily create company announcements for your team all at once.

  • Create a hub for your important announcements to make them easy to find – anytime from anywhere.

  • Use the email distribution option to add frequency and an additional messaging platform to your announcements to improve communication retention.

Give your employees a voice.

  • Collect anonymous employee feedback using Suggestions in Align as a digital suggestion box where you encourage employees to submit ideas on how the company can better achieve goals along with suggestions for improvements to the workplace or your company culture.

  • Prove to them you are listening and committed while respecting their privacy.  Align’s digital suggestion box allows you to create threads for each suggestion by responding directly but anonymously to the employee who makes suggestions so that you can ask for further details or let them know the actions you plan to take.

Especially while working remotely or in different locations, a consistent measure of employee engagement helps you monitor a key input to productivity: happiness!

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“People think of scaling up as growing financially, but I felt it was about growing culturally.  And, I thought if we could improve the culture of transparency and accountability within our organization — and better align our team members’ tasks to our organizational goals — then that would have financial benefits, too…”

Ben Gootee, CEO – Gootee Construction

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