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Using KPIs The Right Way

Implement a culture of data-driven decision making by optimizing your KPIs in the right areas.

1:1 Meetings

Guide to Mastering Performance Management with 1:1 Meetings

If your team leads are not holding regular 1:1 meetings with all direct reports, you’ve got a gap in your performance management process.

Cover to New Approach to Strategic Planning Align Whitepaper

Strategic Plan Management


A new approach to strategic planning can drive growth and transform company culture. Get the data behind the most effective teams.

Managing Remote Teams

Guide to Leading Happy and Productive Virtual Teams

Whether you are managing a remote team for the first time, or you’ve been doing this for years, learn best practices to keep your team happy and productive.

Objectives and Key Results

Ultimate Guide to OKRs with Templates

Get started with Objectives and Key Results goal-setting with everything you need to know. Includes templates for every department!

Goal Planning & Tracking

Quick Start Guide

Selecting, setting, and tracking goals is critical for growing your business. This Ebook breaks down the best practices for driving success with goals.

Cover to The Introduction to Daily Huddles

Improving Communications

Intro to Daily Huddles

Improve communication and productivity in your workplace using the Daily Huddle. Learn how to implement and optimize your workplace with huddles.

Cover to the Self-Management Guide to Working from Anywhere

Remote Work

Self-Management Guide to Working From Anywhere

Use the best practices in this guide to re-assess your habits and schedule. Get tips to manage your routine, tasks, goals and career from anywhere.

Virtual Planning

Guide to Remote Strategic Planning

With disruption all around, effective strategic planning is more important than ever. This guide walks through best practices for collaborative planning while working on remote teams.

Motivational Quotes I


Quotes from thought leaders and growth experts can inspire your next personal or professional success.

Featuring quotes on  Alignment, Strategy & Execution, Goals, and Teamwork.

Motivational Quotes II


Back by popular demand, more quotes that can be easily shared at the beginning or end of meetings for a quick spark of inspiration.

Featuring quotes on Opportunity, Innovation, Hard Work, Teamwork, and Focus.

remote backgrounds

Virtual Backgrounds

Photo Downloads

Transport yourself, hide a messy room, brainstorm or celebrate with your team using virtual backgrounds for your video conference calls, meetings or huddles. Download 50+ backgrounds for every occasion.

Align Assessment

Online Assessment Tool

32 question survey organized around the 4 Decisions framework – People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash – of the Scaling Up business methodology. This Assessment will help you to understand the current state of your business and in which areas you can focus for improvements.

How aligned is your team?


This quick downloadable and printable diagnostic checklist PDF gives you insight into the habits you need to prioritize alignment and improve your foundation.

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