Data Tracking with KPI Cards

As a business leader or employee, you know that tracking the right KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is critical to achieving your goals. And when it comes to making informed decisions, data is king.

Join us July 26th at 10AM CT for a webinar where we will delve into the impact of using data to make informed decisions and gauge the health of your business. We will cover the most convenient and accurate ways to track data, including Align’s new KPI Cards feature.

KPI Cards will allow you as a business leader to create and customize a visual dashboard of your Priorities, Quarterly Actions, and Critical Numbers, so you can instantly see where your business is lagging and where to focus your efforts. Use KPIs to measure the health of your business, analyze patterns over time, identify growth opportunities, and more.

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Eugene Terk, VP, Business Development & General Counsel, Align

Eugene Terk is the Vice President of Business Development & General Counsel at Align — a growth management software for companies and their teams to manage and communicate shared priorities for everyday focus on the right things.

Founded in 2012, Align was developed as the software solution for the Rockefeller Habits, popularized by Verne Harnish. The habits reinforce practices like creating a strategic one page plan, efficient daily meetings, defining quarterly priorities and using key performance indicators to gauge how you’re doing. Align was designed to make it easier to manage these practices and adopt good business habits quicker.