Ensure everyone knows the purpose of the company and how they can help achieve it.

The more layers and managers you add in a company, the harder it is to keep everyone aligned.  Keep everyone on the same page and working toward achieving big goals.

Increase collaboration and intrapreneurship across your company.

When your team has visibility into your plan and what moves the needle, they can collaborate and contribute to bigger goals.

Everyone from the top executive to the entry-level employee knows the purpose of the company and how they’re responsible for helping achieve it. Align makes that possible.”

Hagerty employees use Align to track progress on over 600 individual priorities. In some cases, these are directly aligned with one of the top five corporate priorities. In other cases, these priorities are aligned “organizationally” rolling up to their manager’s priorities.  Hagerty conducts a monthly business update meeting for all Hagerty managers. The information for this meeting comes directly from Align. They even create a video called “On the Same Page” to help communicate their priorities.”

McKeel Hagerty, CEO – Hagerty
Align’s features are your management toolkit.

“As we start to set our plans and budget for the next year, I will be using Align to take what I get from our headquarters in an excel spreadsheet and translate that into Align as a plan and strategy for my team.  This will help my team understand the plan and strategy – vision, mission values, goals all in Align.  I will also be able to share our plan and progress in Align with our headquarters to show how we work.”

Robert Barnes, Country Manager, Asia-Pacific – Higher Logic

Use integrations to connect workflows and get real-time data updates.

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