Webinar Recap: “Culture Change Management: How to Effectively Implement Any Software” with Luis Gonzalez-Aspuru

Published On: November 19, 20201.3 min read

The right tool can make all the difference.

In the changing workplace of the new decade, implementing the right software in your business can boost productivity and provide a competitive advantage. But how can leaders effectively gain buy-in and see results quickly when rolling out new tools to their teams?

As a serial entrepreneur and lead trainer for EO’s Global Accelerator, Luiz Gonzalez-Aspuru knows the impact the right software tools can have on an organization’s culture.

In this webinar Luis covered such topics as:

  • Choosing the right tools for your business
  • Training your teams on new tools
  • Helping your team understand the “WHY” behind new softwares
  • Measuring the productivity and cultural impact of new software
  • Strategies for building a learning culture with the right tools
  • How the tools of business have changed in 2020

Watch a full recording below:

About Luis Gonzalez-Aspuru

Luis Gonzalez-Aspuru is the CEO & Founder of Asgar, an HR Consulting and training firm with 12+ years of experience serving companies such as Nestle, Michelin, The Home Depot, Banorte, among others. Since 2009, He is the COO & Co-Founder of wandoOra Hospitality & Tech with 2 locations in Tulum. He is the EO Accelerator Program Global Lead Trainer and an EO Board Member in Mexico City. He is also the author of the “El Talento, la nueva guerra corporativa” (“Talent: The New Corporate War) and creator of BOOKIO.tv. By training, Luis is an electrical engineer with Finance, Quality, Marketing, Six Sigma & Business Diplomas. In spare time, Luis is a mentor in Young Leaders of Americas Initiative.

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