Webinar Recap: “The Twelve Accelerators of Alignment” with Dave Ramos

Published On: July 23, 20191.7 min read

In his second webinar for Align (see Part 1 here), Dave Ramos, CEO of SHIFTPOINTS strategy coaching, breaks down “The Twelve Accelerators”, critical factors of alignment every company must get right to unify their organization and find success. During the webinar Dave:  

  • Defines these twelve things,
  • Provides examples of companies who got them right
  • Poses questions leaders at any kind of organization should ask themselves.

For more information, check out Dave’s upcoming book, “Drive One Direction: How to Unleash the Accelerating Power of Alignment”. 

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Full Webinar Video: 

As a summary, “The Twelve Accelerators” are described below. 

Accelerator  Key Insight
ONE TEAM Alignment starts at “the top” … a misaligned executive team will never create an aligned company.

You must be good at lots of things … but the way to win is to become differentiatingly great at One Thing.

ONE VISION There are many different ways to articulate a vision: the visionary vision, the inspiring vision, the ambition, or the BHAG.
ONE MISSION Mission statements are the “Rodney Dangerfield” of alignment, but many exemplar companies used them effectively.
ONE CODE Values are extremely important, but many employees are cynical about them. They must be more than just words on posters.
ONE BRAND You must develop a compelling brand promise … and then you must align everyone and everything to deliver it.
ONE STRATEGY Your corporate strategy must precisely answer five questions: who, what, where, how much, and how.
ONE PORTFOLIO Customers love products that are tightly aligned into an integrated portfolio.
ONE WAY You must identify, optimize, and institutionalize your mission critical processes.
ONE WOW! Developing and delivering a standardized experience makes customers say “Wow!”
ONE PLAN Fast-lane companies have dynamic planning and strategy management systems.
EVERYONE Alignment starts with One Team … but you must apply talent management disciplines to align EveryOne!


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