Media Release: Align Announces Free Access to Huddle Software During COVID-19 Disruption

Align announces free access to huddle software to help SMBs manage remote teams during COVID-19 disruption.

NEW ORLEANS – During the economic tumult caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, New Orleans based Align Technologies is making their Huddle Tools available for free to any SMB looking to improve organizational communication and manage remote employees during this time. At this time of unprecedented disruption, consistent team communication is more critical than ever.

Align’s Huddle Tools manage team member updates and associated tasks to create focus and to drive accountability. Throughout this disruption, these tools are available for free for organizations looking to improve communication and increase productivity. The Align Huddle Tools include a portal for a written record of huddle content and task performance, which serves especially well for virtual meetings or huddles when some employees are unable to attend. “It’s all about productivity. Companies thrust into remote management need tools to make it easier to communicate efficiently, manage workflows and provide transparency into daily work. We hope this offer aids in the response efforts for businesses as they work to weather these economic challenges,” said Doug Walner, CEO of Align.

The recurring daily or weekly meeting (Huddle) presents an opportunity to share updates, discuss progress or obstacles, and get the team on the same page. Similar to the daily scrum meetings used in software development, Huddles have been used successfully by organizations of all sizes to communicate and react quickly to new information efficiently. Businesses looking to respond effectively to changing market conditions will benefit significantly from implementing regular huddles now.

About Align: Founded in 2012 and headquartered in New Orleans, Align helps companies successfully execute on strategic plans. Our growth management software is for companies and their teams to manage and communicate shared priorities for everyday focus on the right things. Align creates a hub for strategic plan management and a framework for the habits that ensure goals are set, tracked and met. With every employee working in the same portal, you achieve real-time visibility on goal progress and create a culture of transparency and accountability. We empower teams to succeed and have helped over 2,200 companies and 16,000 users in 64 countries on their journey to scale. We partner with Scaling Up and hundreds of leading business coaches around the globe who use our software with their customers.


Media Contact: Renee Bigelow

VP Marketing, Align

(888) 315-4049 ext. 723

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