Meet the New Huddles 2.0

Published On: October 24, 20212.9 min read

Your meetings just got better. With the new huddles 2.0 interface we’ve made the meeting experience more modern and intuitive. Whether your team is remote, hybrid or fully back in the office it’s even easier to make sure everyone is on the same page and driving your initiatives forward.  

New Look and Feel


Meetings can be one of the main reasons teams fail and succeed. As we come out of the post COVID era even more teams are working in a hybrid situation. They are spread out across time zones with some working in offices and others still remote and now more than ever it’s important to ensure that everyone is on the same page. 

This was our inspiration for upgrading our Huddles experience. 

The new look and feel of Huddles 2.0 makes communicating with your team even easier. We took a long look at the previous experience and what users were frustrated with and asked ourselves “how we can make this even better?”

Our objective was to make meetings even more focused and provide more at a glance context for team members to drive meaningful conversations to achieve their goals. 


The New Layout

We started with the layout. The challenge with the old layout was it required lots of scrolling up and down to find the team members that you were looking for. 

The new 3 column layout makes it even easier to see all of your important meeting content right on the screen. No more unnecessary scrolling to find updates. 

It is broken up into 3 distinct sections starting from left to right.

  • Meeting Details
  • Team Content
  • Team Members


Meeting Details

The meeting details pane makes it even easier to access important details and stay sticky when scrolling to ensure everyone stays in sync with the agenda. Now find all of your meeting notes, parking lot items and agenda in one easy to access location. 


Team Content  

Team updates now live front and center in the middle column allowing you to quickly and easily see critical numbers and updates from your team with a click of a button. 

Team Members  

With the team members pane see what team members have updates to share with a single click. New Filter updates filter quickly removes anyone that hasn’t got an update so that the meeting can be even more focused and actionable. 

Each team member card also gives you a quick look at each team member’s progress toward their goals to help drive meaningful conversations and remove any blockers.

We are in a new Era of Business

The world has changed a lot and teams need a tool that will allow them to stay focused on the right things at the right time and not get stuck in activities or meetings that don’t move the needle. Meetings are just one part of the equation.  

We are excited about the new Huddles 2.0 experience and where its evolution is heading and hope you are too.


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