Join Us at the Virtual Scaling Up Reignite Summit 3.0

As businesses work remotely and pivot during a worldwide crisis, new challenges continue to bombard companies. While you navigate these obstacles, you may be missing the opportunities that lie in front of your business. Over the last 12 years, business leaders have gathered at the Scaling Up Summit to learn, share knowledge and take time to find ideas to help them scale their companies and learn more about how to be a better business leader.

In this unusual time, it is even more important to hear how other business leaders are working through the COVID-19 disruption, and how an opportunity to grow your company may be lying right in front of you. On May 20, you will have the opportunity to hear from renowned business leaders at the Scaling Up Reignite Summit. The virtual summit will take place from 3:20 to 5:20 p.m. EST and will feature ten speakers speaking for ten minutes each. 

Thousands of entrepreneurs and teams will attend the event. Many Align users regularly attend Scaling Up Summits and tell us that they leave each event with actionable trategies useful for scaling their business. Moderated by “Scaling Up” author and CEO Verne Harnish, the summit will focus on what businesses need to do in the coming weeks to be successful following the shifts caused by the pandemic. The advice will help you with leadership, strategy, sales, marketing, relationships, and mental health, all areas that need to be finely tuned to manage your business through a crisis.   

Here are the speakers you can expect to see:

Verne Harnish – Moderator

As the author of “Scaling Up”, and co-founder of YPO, Verne has helped firms navigate through crisis’s multiple times, including his own firm after 9/11. He’s curated the 10 stars and will interview/moderate to drive practical “what we need to know today” content in each of their 10 minute segments. More useful ideas per minute than anyplace else – the brand promise.

Mark Cuban – Dallas Mavericks

Mark has always been a natural businessman. After graduating from Indiana University where he briefly owned the most popular bar in town, Mark moved to Dallas. He went on to create and sell MicroSolutions. In 1995, and just four short years later, Mark and Todd Wagner sold (then Audionet) to Yahoo for $5.6 billion dollars. He acquired the Dallas Mavericks in 2000, who are currently listed as one of Forbes’ most valuable franchises in sports. Mark is also one of ABC’s “Sharks” on the hit show Shark Tank and an investor in an ever-growing portfolio of businesses.

David Gardner – The Motley Fool

David Gardner is Chief Rule Breaker at The Motley Fool. Their purpose is to make the world smarter, happier, and richer. David has picked stocks for a worldwide membership for 27 years and hosted his own weekly podcast, Rule Breaker Investing, since 2015. In Oct 2018, he made his 200th consecutive monthly stock pick for the company’s flagship service Motley Fool Stock Advisor; those 200 picks returned an average annualized return of 20.7% over those 16+ years, vs. the market’s S&P 500 average of 7.5%. David served on the Individual Investor Advisory Committee of the New York Stock Exchange for 15 years.

Raj Sisodia – Conscious Capitalism Inc.

Raj Sisodia is the FW Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business and Whole Foods Market Research Scholar in Conscious Capitalism at Babson College. He is also Co-Founder and Co-chairman of Conscious Capitalism Inc. He was previously Trustee Professor of Marketing, the Founding Director of the Center for Marketing Technology and Chairman of the Marketing Department at Bentley University. Raj has a Ph. D. in Marketing & Business Policy from Columbia University. He’s the author of eleven books, including “The Healing Organization”, and over 100 academic articles.

Brian Dumaine – High Water Press

Brian Dumaine is the founder and editor in chief of the NY media company High Water Press and a contributor to Fortune magazine, where for three decades he has held various writing and editing positions, including global editor and assistant managing editor. An award-winning journalist, he has produced investigative pieces as well as articles on leadership, investing, technology, and the environment. He is the author of “The Plot to Save the Planet” and is the editor of the book “The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time”, with a foreword by Jim Collins.

Tony Schwarz

Tony Schwartz is the founder and CEO of The Energy Project, a consulting firm that helps individuals and organizations more skillfully manage their energy so they can thrive in a world of relentlessly rising demand and complexity. Tony began his career as a journalist and he has been a reporter for the New York Times, a writer for Newsweek, and a contributing writer to New York Magazine and Esquire. Tony is the author of six books, including “The Power of Full Engagement” and “The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working,” also a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller.

Hermann Simon

Hermann Simon is the Founder and Honorary Chairman of Simon-Kucher & Partners. He is an expert in strategy, marketing and pricing. He is the only German in the “Thinkers50 Hall of Fame” of the most important management thinkers in the world. In German-speaking countries he has been continuously voted the most influential living management thinker since 2005. The magazine Cicero ranks him in the top 100 of the 500 most important intellectuals. Before committing himself entirely to management consulting, Simon was a professor of business administration and marketing at the Universities of Mainz (1989-1995) and Bielefeld (1979-1989). He was also a visiting professor at Harvard Business School, Stanford, London Business School, INSEAD, Keio University in Tokyo and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From 1995 to 2009 he was CEO of Simon-Kucher & Partners.

In addition to these dynamic speakers, there will be three more speakers followed by a Musical Extravaganza/Happy “Hour” from SongDivision, who will give a performance based on the items discussed throughout the day.  

In past years, Align has been featured at Scaling Up Summits and has participated in multiple seminars and informational sessions  This spring Scaling Up has already hosted two very informative virtual events which provided direct actionable advice for the next steps that executives should be considering.  During those events, Align CEO Doug Walner presented and  shared how our software provides an efficient process for managing communications with remote teams and setting and tracking progress on key company initiatives.  Our team sat in on Doug’s presentation as well as the other speakers. After each one of these virtual events, our team has run with ideas sparked directly from what we learned during the event.

Despite being unable to attend Scale Up Summit in person this spring our team at Align is looking forward to the insights we will hear from this all-star speaker lineup at the virtual Scaling Up Reignite Summit. 

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