January Product Updates

What’s New?

This quarter we have a big focus on improving the experience for leaders and specifically with getting team members regularly having 1:1’s. This theme will be driving a lot of the feature development this quarter making Align even more useful for leaders and growing teams.   

Huddle Up

With the focus on one-on-ones this quarter we’ve started making them a more prominent part of the system starting in the huddle creation drawer.  

What’s Changed:

    • The 1:1 template is now at the top of the huddle creation templates list. 
    • We made the description more robust and useful
    • New agenda based on industry best practices 
    • New custom sections for team members to fill out that 
    • Huddles members will no longer be swapped if in the first position but will be pushed to second.
    • Quick switching between huddles is back by popular demand! 

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Trimming the fat

We are working hard to clean up the UI and make the interface snappier for you and your teams. 

  • Profile images will now have a size limit of 2MB. This is a good first start to help the system load quicker. 
  • The team’s working on optimizations to the load speed of huddles for larger teams. We know you want to make your meeting quick and efficient. This will help get to key areas quicker so you can start on time.  

Bugs that were squished

  • Resolved an issue with Inconsistent behavior when a Roll Up Priority with no children is changed to a KPI Driven Priority.
  • Salesforce integration metric not pulling Salesforce report data correctly
  • Fixed naming issue  OKR skin still referring to Priorities in action menu
  • Parking lot duplicated in 1:1 and monthly target huddles
  • Resolved issue with non admins being able to updates some text fields on One page Strategic Plans
  • Task Driven priorities with uncompleted tasks being displayed in huddles with progress status of N/A
  • and other minor improvements.

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