If Your Business is Not Using a Cloud Computing Model, You’re Behind

The Covid-19 pandemic sent a tsunami of change rampaging through every business sector worldwide. And while we’re still analyzing the long-term impacts of the pandemic, one thing is for sure: Businesses that aren’t utilizing cloud technology will be swept away by the current.

Cloud computing models like SaaS provide unparalleled flexibility, security, and affordability for business owners looking to drive the necessary digital transformations needed to survive in a post-covid business environment.

How The Pandemic Made Cloud Computing a Necessity

Before the pandemic, cloud adoption was an opportunity for many business owners to increase growth and scale—that is if they desired to do so. And in fact, many (68% in 2019) were already reaping the benefits of cloud computing’s increased efficiency and scalability. But seemingly overnight, this “opportunity” became a necessity.

When the pandemic hit and everyone went into quarantine, businesses worldwide were forced to adapt to a digital-first model. Employees worked from home, customers prioritized online ordering, and businesses’ needs around technology infrastructure changed.

Costly support of in-house data infrastructure became a cumbersome and limiting investment as the need to expand online support for customers and employees grew. Not only was it timely and expensive to scale, but the transition to remote-working made it even harder to justify housing data on-site.

Luckily, the overwhelming benefits of cloud computing models like SaaS have proved to be a powerful combatant of the many new challenges business owners like you face post-pandemic.

And, while the best time to transition to the cloud was before the pandemic hit, it needs to be an essential priority now if you haven’t already adapted.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing Models like SaaS

There are various cloud computing models out there, but SaaS (software as a service) is the most widely used, with a 99% adoption rate amongst business owners in 2021.

When you institute SaaS into your business, you’ll reap the benefits of increased flexibility, security, and affordability.

More Flexibility, So Your Team Can Focus On What Really Matters 

One of the most significant benefits of utilizing the cloud is its flexibility. With a SaaS model, you can easily add more information and users, which means your capacity can scale as you grow vertically or horizontally.

Integration capabilities also make it easy to automate processes across your business, saving you and your team valuable time. That means you’re free to focus on solving big problems and providing top-notch customer service.

SaaS models also give your business an edge, as centralized data and increased capacity allow your products, teams, and operations to communicate better and scale with perfect synchrony.

More Security, Serving Peace of Mind to You and Your Customers 

In-house data infrastructure is ripe for security flaws. If you don’t update software promptly or your hardware malfunctions, your customer’s valuable data is at risk. And with the increased awareness and concern around private data security, keeping data in-house puts significant weight and responsibility on your shoulders.

SaaS models offer an alternative that takes the pain of managing data off your business to-dos. Simply put, you can leverage the power of data at your fingertips without the hangup of storing, managing, and securing it.

More Affordability, So You Can Invest In Your Business 

The cost of managing data in-house creates unnecessary limits. Not only does it cost a pretty penny to buy and manage more servers, but it also adds to your fixed overhead costs, putting your profits at risk if market forces shift (like, say, from a pandemic.)

On the other hand, cloud computing models scale easily and affordably with your growth. That means increasing your capacity is as simple as changing your membership level. And with hardware and software management built into the memberships, you don’t incur the full brunt of the cost when new servers or software updates are needed.

For The Best SaaS Has to Offer, Choose an Option That Helps You Achieve Your Big Goals Faster

SaaS Cloud Computing Models can help you streamline nearly every aspect of your business, from customer relationship management to human resources. You can start optimizing anywhere, but we believe the best way is to focus your investment on the areas of your business that matter the most.

At Align, we offer SaaS products that help business owners…

  • streamline internal communication and processes,
  • plan for the future using the best insights available,
  • manage and track employee success, and
  • connect employees to the metrics they need to achieve their goals.

With integrations that connect incoming data from a variety of sources and an easy-to-use platform that prioritizes the metrics that impact your unique goals, our SaaS product connects and empowers your business like no other.

Start your SaaS journey with Align so you can invest in what matters the most: you and your team.

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