How To Accomplish More While Saving Time With Align

Published On: August 18, 20202.2 min read

This is the second post in a series on how everyone in your organization can use Align. Check out our first post, 5 Keys to Managing Up: How to Gain Recognition and Get Promoted Faster.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

These days, a lot of us find ourselves in an unprecedented connundrum: we have more time, but way more to do.

The energy we now dedicate to balancing competing priorities has wiped out whatever we gained from fewer social obligations and shorter commutes.

Working productively and efficiently now requires new ways of organizing our time and communicating with those around us. By working smarter, not harder, we can work more efficiently.

The tools in Align are designed to maximize the time you spend getting things done and minimize time spent figuring out where to prioritize your time. By streamlining team communication, organizing your goals, and tracking progress, Align helps you focus on what matters to achieve more in less time and gain recognition for moving your organization forward.

Let’s check out four ways the tools in Align help you organize your work and regain control of your worklife.

1. Communicate efficiently throughout your organization

  • Using Daily and Weekly Huddles, communicate your message once to your entire group, rather than multiple times to different members of your group.
  • Get ahead of the curve on potential issues by meeting briefly every day to save hours of emails and interruptions.

2. Spend less time in meetings.

  • Align streamlines meeting discussions by keeping your priority, tasks, and written statements all in one place.
  • Be better prepared for efficient meetings by recording your Huddle updates and questions before the meeting. 
  • Written Huddles give you the ability to look back on past entries, which ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

3. Clearly display your hard work and productivity to your leadership.

  • Receive team recognition for your day-to-day work during Huddles, a key component of employee motivation and success.
  • Clearly display where you stand on your Priorities and Tasks for your leadership and team to manage up effectively.

4. Stay on track with what matters.

  • Receive feedback in real-time, instead of waiting for performance reviews, by tracking your progress. 
  • Track your Top Priority of the day to ensures you prioritize what really needs to get done.
  • View your Priority and Task overviews on your dashboard to help with time management.
  • Issue Stucks to your teammates to solicit help when you require their assistance, keeping you moving forward on what matters.

For more information on how Align’s transparency can improve your efficiency, schedule time to talk to an Align Advisor today!


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