Disruption Daily Dose 6/10 with Anne Driscol and Chris Schultz on Innovating for the Workplace of the Future

Published On: June 10, 20200.7 min read

Founders of LaunchPad, Anne Driscoll and Chris Schultz join the Daily Dose of advice to detail their response to the COVID-19 disruption and how businesses should make decisions during this time. Having built a string of coworking spaces across the country, LaunchPad faced critical strategic decisions to weather the collapse of in-person office space. Now the company is working to build the workplaces of the future, as the role of the “office” changes.

Anne believes there has never been a better time to take risks because for most businesses it’s better than doing nothing. Many companies avoid trying new things out of fear it will disrupt their usual flow of business, but with that usual flow of business already disrupted by the pandemic, now is the time to see if some of your boldest business ideas could work.

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