December Product Updates

What’s New?

For a while there have been some formatting issues that caused some headaches for users making it hard or just flat impossible to read some areas of the app. This release has knocked out a number of them as well as streamlined some billing and backend processes to make the app even more reliable.

Room to Breath

If you have use the metric page with a lower resolution you may have noticed that there was some bunching and spacing issue with the column. These are now resolved.

We also resolved a similar issue with Parking lot items when displayed in huddles.
Now you can read them more easily without and overlap or crowding.

Cleaning up our words

You may have noticed that some save and buttons in the app had some icons and some had more words than others. And frankly some had full on sentences. We cleaned this up and standardized the way we are displaying the buttons as well as what they say.
This should help make them more clear and more modern.

We have also been working on some backend updates to streamline billing.

Bugs that were squished

  • Resolved an issue for Safari users where a individual huddle sections may show up blank
  • Resolved an issue with Kaspersky Anti-virus Browser Plug-In causing drawers to load blank
  • Fixed issue with Whats Up Dashboard Card not redirecting to huddles page if you do not have any huddles meeting that day.
  • Resolved an issue with a new drawer being opened after clicking the space bar when editing existing parking lot items.
  • Resolved an issue with Zapier integration updating a metric but the linked priority is not.
  • Tagging more than 12-15 priorities the week over week graph becomes misaligned and unreadable.






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