Daily Dose 5/14 with Brent Sapp on Executing Agile Strategic Pivots

Published On: May 14, 20200.8 min read

Author, product innovator, and entrepreneurial activist Brent Sapp joins Thursday’s Daily Dose of Advice to shed light on how his experience in pivoting businesses can be a model for how companies survive the COVID-19 disruption.

A critical component of pivoting is to be in touch with your customers and aware of the market environment. Many times businesses miss an opportunity to pivot because they aren’t even looking for one. Identifying a pivot opportunity is only half the story. Sapp says a 90-day strategic plan helps both with laying out what needs to be done in a pivot, but also helps keep a team aligned and on the same page while reaching for their goal.

Companies shouldn’t just be aligned on day-to-day operations. They need to be aligned on thought processes and strategies. Sapp says the next 90 days are critical, and having someone on staff who has experienced a type of pivot is a massive help.

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