Conquer “Stucks”: How to streamline employee management and keep your team on track

Have you ever been working on a task only to see no sign of progress? No matter what iteration you try, nothing seems to work. For many employees, these “stucks” can be daunting and severely diminish morale. It’s essential that a company’s leaders implement tactics to help employees manage their stucks and deal with them quickly when problems arise.

Conquering “Stucks” for Business Success

What is a “Stuck”? Simply put, stucks are any workplace tasks or situations when an employee is “stuck” and needs help from another team member to keep the project moving. Stucks can occur in any department, and they happen for a variety of reasons, such as inadequate employee training, poor distribution of labor, or lack of access to resources.  Stucks are a clear impediment to consistent growth since they can hold up a company’s entire operational system.

The key to dealing with stucks is to catch them quickly. Like treating an illness, the earlier you approach the issue, the better the result. To ensure that your team can nip stucks in the bud, employees and managers need to be in a steady rhythm of communication. By communicating at frequent and established points, leadership can quickly step in and help as soon as possible. When managers are on-the-ball to support their team members, productivity can return to its normal levels, which helps keep growth and revenue high.

Many leaders are turning to the daily huddle model to address stucks efficiently and provide an outlet for open communication. A daily huddle is a brief, team-wide meeting at the beginning of the day to align individual and organizational goals and keep everyone on track. In a typical huddle, each team member gives a brief description of what’s up for the day, his/her top priorities, and a list of stuck items.

When employees feel comfortable communicating with the higher-ups, they are more likely to let them know about stucks and other issues as soon as they occur, rather than letting them fester until a small problem becomes a gargantuan one.

Several companies are implementing business management software to keep track of stucks and other roadblocks digitally. This type of software allows employees to notify multiple team members about stucks at once and send alerts for time-sensitive issues.

While stucks can seem impossible, you can align your team to address them quickly and work together for strategic execution. As you streamline employee management, you boost efficiency and have a higher likelihood of consistent growth.

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