April Product Updates

What’s New?

We have been hard at work over the past few months working on some major enhancements to our metrics and helping you get the most out of your data so that meetings can be even more effective and help you reach your goals quicker. We have some very exciting features in beta right now and can’t wait to get them in our your hands. 

More Robust Quarterly Targets

With the focus on improving metrics and numbers we are taking the steps to improve the entire system and make it even easier to ensure you and your team have the right data at the right times.  This is just a taste of what’s coming in the coming months to make tracking your numbers even easier.

We’ve expanded the edit capabilities of Quarterly Actions on the One Page Strategic Plan. Now you can edit and set targets the same way you can with Critical numbers.  Set an owner, create custom targets and even align with a metric directly from the edit drawer.

Keep an eye out for yearly targets to get this treatment as well.

Bugs that were squished

  • Pasting long line into update box in a huddle extends past the screen.
  • Quick Switching between weekly to daily huddle displays both agenda and description at same time.
  • Disconnecting a Critical Number or Quarterly Action thru the Metric Connection drawer throws an error
  • Users are able to save a huddle with the huddle owner not set
  • Stucks notifications covers profile dropdown in huddles

We are actively working on an all new KPI dashboard that will bring your numbers front and center. Interested in joining the beta? Please reach out to your success manager for more details.


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