Books & Podcasts to Add to Your Summer List

A “Desire to Learn” is one of our Core Values here at Align.  With more relaxed family schedules, longer days and lots of travel, summer is a great time to broaden your knowledge base. Now that the dog days of summer are here, we thought it was time to compile a recommended summer reading list for scale ups. These books will challenge you and push you in the way you think about yourself, your teams and your organizations.

Summer is a great time to read from this selection and pick up a few tips to help guide you through your strategic planning and goals you will be setting for your business in 4th Quarter. For those who prefer to listen to podcasts, we have included a few of our favorites  of those as well. We hope you have a great summer!

Recommended Books:

Recommended Podcasts:

Thanks to Chuck Kocher and Petra coach for their contributions to this list!

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