Add Notes to Your Critical Number Updates

Published On: February 26, 20202.2 min read

Critical Number Notes

You can now add a Note for a day that a Critical Number was updated, providing added insight to the rest of the team on why the number changed. All users can read Notes, while admins and non-admin owners of a Critical Number can add, edit and delete notes..

  • A blue dot on the graph means someone left a Note. Click on the dot to check it out.
  • A white dot on the graph means there is no Note for that day. Click on the dot to add a new Note.


Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Ordered Huddle lists on Daily and Huddle pages in alphabetical order, instead of creation order. This includes the horizontal, 3-or-fewer, view and the vertical, 4-or-more dropdown, in both the Web and Mobile apps.
  • Order Team dropdowns in alphabetical order in the following places:
    • Critical Numbers Dashboard card
    • Team level security dropdown for Priorities and Tasks
    • OPSP dropdown
    • Team report filters
  • Increased the length of the Huddle name shown before cutting off to an ellipse in all dropdown areas in the app.
  • Show Sync Category on the Task drawer when you first create a new Task and fixed a bug where you couldn’t select a non-default Sync Category on the initial creation of the Task.
  • Fixed some filtering logic on the “Copy Previous Priority” screen.
  • New Tasks created from the My Dashboard card will have the default Visibility settings correctly set.
  • Restyled values in the Critical Number expanded graph to be horizontal and above the graph.
  • Add an “Add Task” button on the Dashboard card when you’re not in the empty state.
  • Clicking anywhere in the date field (not just the calendar icon) on a form will expand the date picker.
  • Pasting in formatted text from an external tool into an Align text area now performs much better when you edit that text within Align on Safari.
  • Adding a Top Task from a different user’s section in Huddles assigns it to that user, not the current user.
  • New Tasks created from within Huddles or the Dashboard cards appear right away, without requiring a page refresh.
  • Added better default field focus on several forms in the Web App.
  • Improved the Critical Number progress calculation to better handle ranges at the beginning of Periods.
  • Fixed bugs in the Outlook Task Integration when Tasks were created in Align with future or past due dates.
  • Fixed a Priority progress calculation error when a Rollup Parent’s Child progress type was switched from KPI to Task-Based or KPI to Rollup.



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