3 Reasons Align is the Right Business Management Platform for You

Published On: March 7, 20182 min read

You know that you need to align your team to achieve your business objectives. You’ve probably been searching for the right platform to help you execute strategically and streamline your employee management. Based on the following three qualifications, see if Align is the right business management platform for you.

1. You Follow the Rockefeller Habits Proven Practices

The Rockefeller Habits are a set of proven business management methodologies coined by business author Verne Harnish. They consist of several fundamentals including a focus on three main pillars–priorities, data, and rhythm– based on business practices used by corporate titan John D. Rockefeller.

Align is the premiere business management platform specifically-designed to help you implement the Rockefeller Habits and maintain alignment throughout your organization. With our digital copy of the one-page strategic plan and tools to set and track KPIs, Align helps companies incorporate technology into their current usage of the Rockefeller Habits. Check out our example one-page strategic plan tool below:

2. You’re Starting To Scale Up

Your company is starting to scale up, and you’ve begun asking questions to decide which business management platform will best help you maintain focus in your organization. While Align serves organizations of all sizes, companies past the start-up stage are best equipped to use our software.

We help agile, fast-growing companies view data about their entire organization’s progress instantaneously and provide employees a visual summary of how well their performance aligns with your company’s few chosen priorities.

Check out more info on how we help teams scale up successfully:

3. Your Team Isn’t Aligned

Maybe the communication among different departments is lacking or employees have deviated from your stated core values and purpose.  You know that you need to align individual and company goals across your organization to see success and execute strategically.

Align provides all the tools you need to implement the Rockefeller Habits methodology and keep your team on track. Use our software to plan and manage your daily huddle, keep your information in one centralized place via the company dashboard, and quickly address problems employees are struggling with.

If your company exhibits these three qualities, then Align might be the right business management platform to help you achieve your company goals. Don’t let the growth-stage slow you down; instead, incorporate modern technology to implement your proven business methodologies and execute strategically on your goals.

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But this doesn’t have to be the case. With Align you can get the whole company on the same page, remove shiny object syndrome and focus on the tasks that need to get done to grow your company. Fast.