Become an Align Affiliate

Join Align’s Affiliate program and earn a commission for every subscriber.

This is your chance to start making money online simply by getting people to use Align’s growth management software for growing businesses. Our mission is to align companies and their people on their journey to success. Let’s join forces and help small and medium sized businesses grow and scale.

Align’s Affiliate Program is worth your time and effort:

“What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done! I believe tools like this show how everyone in the organization works for the same goals and gives each person a part in the over all goal. Align should be used in every company.”

William Scott III, EG Workforce Solutions

Simple to start and designed to make you money with very little effort

  • 10% recurring commission for the life of the account – Get a recurring monthly payment for every user you get to subscribe to Align’s software.

  • Awesome product – Align is the leading growth management software for everyday focus on the right things in business. It allows companies and organizations to focus on the critical priorities that will help them grow and succeed. It is proven to work so its easy to promote.

  • B2B promotion – B2B customers make more mindful and hefty purchases that result in a stable stream of passive income. Take advantage of that.

  • Affiliate link – If you aren’t an Align user, contact us and we will create a unique affiliate link for you that can be used on websites, emails, blogs, newsletters and whatever other electronic means of communication you can think of.

Everyone can make money online as an Align affiliate:

Website Owners – monetize your website by adding Align’s banner and/or your unique affiliate link.

Marketers – make use of your skill and direct traffic to through your affiliate link.

Bloggers and Content writers – create content about growth management software and various business methodologies that focus on goal setting and tracking that will drive interest and ultimately subscription

Business coaches – promote Align to existing and prospective clients and make money even if they don’t retain you as their coach.