Tags are user-generated labels that allow you to organize your goals and meetings around specific projects or themes. Tagging your strategic items can provide more focus and clarity for your team.

Tags are managed in the Align Settings page by Admins (note: Tags can also be created on-the-fly on other pages, more on that below). Here, you can add, edit or delete Tags created by you company. Tags must have a name and selected color, and names must be unique within your company.

Deleting a Tag will remove it from all associated Priorities and Huddles.

Once a Tag is created, you can add it to Priorities and Huddles in order to aggregate reporting or focus your meeting content on the projects or themes represented by your Tags.

Tags With Priorities

Tags can be used to group Priorities around a common theme or project. A priority can have none, one or multiple Tags.

To add or remove Tags from a Priority, go to the Edit Priority screen. In the Tags section, add or remove Tags associated with the Priority. All Tags created within your company are available in the dropdown, and you can search for them by typing in the area.

You can also create new Tags on this page. Once you start typing in the area, you can click the “Create new Tag” selection.

Expanding the Priority view will show you all the Tags associated with this Priority.

You can also filter all Priorities on the page by a Tag. Note that you can also filter Priorities by Tags in the Align Mobile App.

Tags With Reports

The following Reports allow you to filter Priorities in the results based on a Tag:

  • Personal Priorities
  • Priority Status By Priority Name
  • Priority Status By Team Member
  • Priority Status With Details

Click on one of these options on the Reports page. All available Tags will be available in the Tags filter dropdown.

Tags With Huddles

Adding a Tag to a Daily or Weekly Huddle will filter the content of that Huddle to just Priorities associated with that Tag. This feature allows for more focused, project-based meetings.

To add a Tag to a Huddle, go to the “Mange Huddle Groups” page under the “Administration” dropdown and edit a Huddle’s settings.

Next, add a Tag to the Tags section. A Huddle can have only one Tag. You can also create a brand new Tag inline by typing in the area and clicking the “Create new Tag” selection.

Once a Huddle is tagged, its content will change in three ways:

The Tag’s icon will appear at the top of the Huddle page

Each members’ Priority Progress section will only include Priorities associated with that Tag.

A new section will appear at the top of the Huddle page listing out Priority Progress of all Priorities associated with the Tag. NOTE: all Priorities associated with the Tag will appear in this section, including those belonging to users that are not members of the Huddle.