Talk to an Advisor about Strategy  & Accountability Sessions

An Advisor will follow up with next steps.

What is a Strategy or Accountability Session? 

During this session, you pick the topic!  Your advisor is not a certified coach, but we do have a lot of experience with companies using Align.  You may want to set up a block of hours with your Advisor to hold yourself accountable or spend a few hours cascading priorities throughout your organization to get the software perfectly set up.

Why do I need to sign up for a session? 

Think of your Align Advisor as your personal trainer. Just like a gym membership is the first step to getting fit, your Align subscription is the first step to reinforcing good business habits in your organization.   However, many people slack off after a few times going to the gym and not seeing immediate results, therefore they get a personal trainer to get them focused on the right things.  Your Align Advisor will help hold you accountable when you are struggling to commit to changing your organization.