New Company Onboarding

Standard Packages and Trainings

Each company is unique! All subscription levels have many resources available including bi-weekly 101 live sessions, the FAQ help pages in the software, How-To Video Playlists, Align Academy, weekly office hours and so much more!

The everyday user of Align will benefit from expert training on the “how to” of Align. Although the software is very user friendly, you may find that human interaction to guide you through your account works best for your business.

Cost:  $149 for 1 session

Tame the chaos with a structured software rollout plan that addresses your Company’s unique structure, processes and people. This plan includes 1-2 additional “goals and people” focused conversations with you advisor, a written roll out recommendation, and 1 roll out plan presentation session with your leadership team.

Cost: $1000 (Included in Enterprise accounts)

Most find that they pick up the technical use of the software easily, the hard part is sticking to the habits to see the positive change in your business. Accountability Sessions help you get the most out of the software. In a typical session you will review the roll out plan and make any adjustments based on your experience, develop a strategy to overcome any objections, and set goals to accomplish by the next session to keep you and your team on track.

Cost: $149/Session

Every company is unique in the technology they want to connect, your integration session will help identify which software in your tech stack you want to integrate, which integration works best to do so, and get you started. Additional sessions are available for purchase, talk to your Advisor!

Cost: $149/session

Everyone learns differently, bring your advisor onsite to teach the team in person.

Your Align Advisor facilitates a full team training, adopting company-wide habits and using a system to manage growth. They’ll share best practices and tailor the session to your specific business challenges.

Cost: $1,500 per day + Travel & Expenses
Availability dependent on in-person comfort level of available Advisors

Onboarding Options
Virtual Onboarding